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A View from San Francisco Bay circa 1984

“The sky is clear and the stars they are bright.  It’s a lovely night.”   Gerry Beckley  must have been talking about last night on the San Francisco Bay. Absolutely breathtaking!

It was a warm night, which is rare. I was seated in the bow of a multi-sail sailboat.  The moon was almost full. For viewing purposes, it was as good as full.  The huge sails above me were flapping gently in the breeze. To my right were the Richmond mountains, black against the striking sunset of electric orange, yellow and red.  In front of us stood the city of San Francisco in all its glory. You could almost see the separate districts glittering in the fading light.  Just starboard of the city was the Golden Gate Bridge, finally looking golden in this light, stretching across to Marin.  Nestled in the lower part, shining and shimmering was Sausalito. Port side showed the moon streaming down onto the water and the Bay Bridge – almost forgotten, though equally as expansive, if not as alluring as the Gate.  Behind us, the East Bay looked like hundreds  of diamonds on a sheet of black velvet.  The closer lights looked like gold shimmering amidst the glistening diamonds.

Where should one look?  It was all so incredibly gorgeous.  It made me fall in love again. In love with my magical island city, my desire to live in Marin, my cozy Easy Bay, my unconditional love for my friend, Curt, who invited me on the boat.  My willingness to put up with whatever I have to in order to live here.  It is truly heaven.

Could one ever see anything so incredible in the Schuylkill or the Delaware Rivers?  This is the most beautiful place I‘ve ever lived. Even North Carolina,  with its wonderful long leaf pines and rolling hills, can’t compare with the majesty of the rugged California mountains and the awe-inspiring redwood trees.

We’ve got sand, we’ve got the weather, we’ve got more TV and rock stations than Southern Pines and Philly put together. We’ve even got a music channel without cable.  We’ve got rhythm and man have we got music! Everywhere, all the time. I haven’t even begun to tap the possibilities.

What a perfect place to live!  If one has money, one can live in nature’s finest and still be no more than 20 minutes from an incredibly exciting, bustling city.

This is my dream.  We’re not talking Gladwyne here, we’re talking mountains and sea, and luscious blue bay, tall redwoods, interesting plant life, exotic produce and space. Yosemite Park is a mere 3 hours a way.  Los Angeles, 6.  San Francisco is here! Who could ask for anything more?

I guess I would ask that there be fewer tourists and that the East Coast, where so many that I love still live, was not so far away.