Winter Woes from Head to Toes

As I sit, sweltering on a hot summer’s day, I’m reminded of all the troubles in winter.  It’s like a cool, refreshing breeze.  So glad it’s summertime!

In winter, from the top of my head I feel that brain freeze, which is far more fun from ice cream.

The winter brings static to my hair.  Most days my hair just flies everywhere.  Brushing only makes it worse.  Makes me wish I had shorter hair if that didn’t make me colder still.

My mind is troubled in wintertime, wondering what the weather will be. Will it change my plans?  Travel itself is far more worrisome. Black ice can be deadly, not to mention conditions that are difficult to see in. All the extra accessories needed in winter mean I must keep track of everything – hat, gloves, scarf, boots . . .

How about the glare of sun on snow?  It can be more blinding than in the summer and it hurt my eyes much more.  I may not always have my sunglasses close by.

Some want to tell me how beautiful winter is with icicles dripping from trees and rolling unbroken sheets of white snow.  I’ll admit that a newly fallen snow, on a clear night, in the moonlight has some appeal.  But those icicles can get dangerous if they decide to cut loose.  Those lovely sweeping vistas of snow don’t last very long.  There is just too much stress associated with the snow and ice to be beautiful to my eyes.

As the old joke went, I’m built upside down. In the winter my nose runs and . . .  my feet smell. Well, maybe, but we’ll get there.  So often in the wintertime, I awake with a stuffed head. The dryness of the heated air often has me blowing blood. If not, the inside of my nose is crusty and dry. Neither are pleasant.

The skin on my face (and my whole body for that matter) gets very dry in the winter.  Chapped lips, sore and cracking, are a painful but common occurrence.  Try talking or sipping water in the bitter cold and you will feel its sting.

My shoulders are often up near by ears from stress over the weather, wondering . . .  Its burdensome nature can weigh heavily on those shoulders. Even days after the storm the going still may be difficult. A simple trip to the store becomes an exercise in patience. Like the holidays, you may find grocery store shelves picked clean in the offing of a snow storm. (Even though around here it would be rare to be trapped for more than 2 days.  Some cannot live without bread and milk for two days!)  Most of us have plenty of food for a day or two. Still my shoulders remain hunched.

I don’t do it myself, but many people must get out and shovel in the winter.  A dear friend of mine loves doing it.  Cleaning windshields too, can put a strain on shoulders and upper arms. My shoulders anyway are busy carrying layers and layers of clothes, scarf, hat, etc.

Turtlenecks are my daily wear in winter. Often with a sweater over top. All the clothes are heavier and thicker, hereabouts. Those layers are important as that icy cold air makes my lungs ache as it comes in.

I eat much heavier meals in the wintertime.  A simple salad just doesn’t cut it.  I long for warming soups, cheesy dishes and other such comfort foods.  The result is to make me feel too full and sluggish. And put on weight!

Let’s not forget fingers. Dry cracked cuticles are never fun.  Every time I turn on a light switch I get zapped.  My fingers get stiff when they’re cold, and don’t move as well. Muscles in general, can ache in the winter from cold (or the aforementioned shoveling).

Not sure quite where this fits.  Maybe around the hip area.  In winter, if you’re not careful you may rub up against that nasty combination of salt and sand that collects on the car.  Our cars live in a garage, but if they are out at all in the winter time, they are likely to be caked with the stuff. Get near it, opening a door or pushing past, and you will be marked!

It is not unusual to find that mixture stuck on your shoes or boots as well.  My toes get so cold in the winter it forces me to wear more socks, which could, in fact, make my feet smell.


2 responses to “Winter Woes from Head to Toes

  1. couldn’t agree with you more, it should always be summer!

    • Alexandra Coulter

      If only it was. Luckily one can move to where it is! Sometimes I wonder how I get through the winter. Maybe just by dreaming of summer. Thanks for reading.

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