Where Could She Be? On the Porch

Circa  March, 1986

As she opens her eyes, she sees hints of sunshine through the curtains.  She rolls over and kisses him on the cheek.  Then she gently crawls out of bed, slips into one of his sweaters and tip toes through the living room.

In the kitchen, she pours herself a tall glass of orange juice and takes it along as she makes sure the screen door shuts softly behind her.

The green, blue and brown world in front of her is sparking from the sunshine.  The air is sweet. She sits on the porch railing surveying the countryside.  Her gaze fixes on the rippling waters of the lake that stretches out in front of her, several miles away.  She sits back against the supporting beam, sipping her juice and smiling in between.

Just then the screen door swings open and he comes out to join her.  Without a word, he walks over to her, turns her around to face him, and comes to rest between her legs. His arms around her, he kisses her briefly.  As he looks out beyond her towards the lake, he sighs.  I love it too, he says, softly.

He steps back, takes her empty glass and puts it on the small table.  Then he sits on the railing beside her.  His hand around hers. They sit in silence for some time, taking in the view and smiling.

After a while she hears him let out a slow, audible sigh. He hops off the railing, scoops her into his arms and carries her back to bed.

The curtains are now open and sunlight is flooding over the bed.  They make love within the sunbeams.

When the sun moves, they rouse themselves and together fix a light breakfast to eat on the porch.  Afterwards, they sit for a long time on the porch, sipping coffee, stroking hands, talking easily and admiring the view.

Let’s walk!  He says.  A quick change of clothes sends them scampering off to the lake.


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