Number 1 Mansion Drive ~

I remember it well.  I was probably not more than 13 or 14 when my parents announced we were going to sell the house and move.  This was not a happy thought for me.  I loved where we lived. Our house was surrounded by a large yard and woods.  My best friend lived next door!  My room was perfect just the way it was. I was totally against this move.

One day, I was home sick from school and my parents said we were going to look at a house.  I felt horrible and was in no mood to go house shopping with them.  I don’t know if they didn’t want to leave me at home in my condition, or whether this was a ploy. I stretched out in the back seat, in silence, and wallowed in my anger as we drove.

When we arrived at 1 Mansion Drive, I had to admit that was a pretty cool address.  There were lots of trees around the house, I liked that.  For some reason, there was no Real Estate agent to let us in.  So we had to peer into the windows.  The sunken living  room intrigued me.  I wanted to see more!  The kitchen had a big brick oven that fascinated me.  My father was elated by the greenhouse sticking out of a window.  The yard was small, but as we walked around the back, I saw a gigantic hill behind the house.  It could be fun to explore. The house was a two-story. Not as long as our rancher, so at first glance it looked smaller.  But as I walked around the perimeter I figured that it might be a lot bigger.  Maybe this moving thing was not such a bad idea.

I don’t know what became of that visit.  Not consulted on the adult qualifications, up to and including the price of the house, I wasn’t told.  But I have to say that it changed my feeling forever about what could be had when one moved.

Many years later, I was driving in the area where this house was.  I had a vague idea where it was.  If I remembered correctly, it was this side of Route 3, and possibly off Route 252.  It could be . . . there it was!  I whisked past it at the speed of the road.  The trees had grown bigger and the road was just a break in the trees.  I couldn’t see a thing.  I wondered if that hill was now covered with condos or a strip mall.

How vivid that early memory was to me as it all came rushing back.  That house, number one Mansion Drive, remains with me today.  And how it opened me to the idea of moving.

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